【Product Specifications】Model:PPF-1500W

Power (Max):Maximum power 1500W
Rated capacity:1600Wh
Charging time:4hr
Battery:lithium ternary power battery
Working temperature:0 degrees to 40 degrees
Product size:462*283*222mm
Product weight:14.5kg

※High power and large wattage specifications, small orchestra electricity is not afraid ※

● Power (Max): Maximum power 1500W
● Rated capacity: 1600Wh
● Charging time: 4hr
● Battery: lithium ternary power battery
● Working temperature: 0 degrees to 40 degrees
● Product size: 462 x 283 x 222 mm
● Product weight: 14.5kg

AC power input
● Input voltage: 100V~120V
● AC output frequency: 50~60Hz

AC power output (two holes total)
● AC output voltage (rated value): 100~120V AC
● AC output frequency: 50~60Hz
● Continuous output power: 1500W
● Maximum output power: 1500W
● Output voltage waveform: analog sine wave

DC power output (USB output)
● DC output voltage: 5V DC
● DC output current: 2.1 A

【place of origin】

◎ Taiwan design. Made in Taiwan – the pride of Taiwanese!

[Product Warranty]

◎ The product is guaranteed for one year from the date of shipment. Wire is a consumable item and is not covered by the warranty.

◎ Do not soak in water, heavy fall, disassembly and transformation. If this is not possible, please be responsible.


◎ This product is in the form of order production. It is not applicable to the seven-day hesitation period and the appreciation period (cannot be returned after the order is established).

◎ This product contains a lithium battery, which is an embargo. Please do not bring the plane, please contact the airlines.

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